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TVD Blog Network’s Get To Know Me Meme
Day 02: Most memorable death

'Elena. It's no easy task being an ordinary parent to an extraordinary child. I've failed in that task. And because of my prejudices, I've failed you. I'm haunted by how things might've played out differently if I'd been more willing to hear your side of things. For me, it's the end. For you, a chance to grow old and someday do better with your own child than I did with mine. It's for that child that I give you my ring. I don't ask for your forgiveness or for you to forget, I ask only that you believe this. Whether you are now reading this as a human or as a vampire, I love you all the same as I've always loved you and always will.'



make me choose;  asked satan question: Damon believing that he’s a monster or Damon thinking that he isn’t worthy/that his love isn’t enough?

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